Letter from Pam 8 August 2022


I have just left the village after 17 days. A marvellous experience. Although we didn’t have a great campaign we tried our best and played pretty well in 3 out of of our 4 games. The Scottish pair, Pauline and Rosemary are lovely ladies and deserved their Gold medal (pic attached).

Being with the Kiwi supporters in the stand watching our Ladies win 3 Bronze medals. Awesome games and so well played. Big congratulations to them.
Meeting other athletes in the village, being part of the NZ team and enjoying the friendliness and helpfulness of all the volunteers.
Beautiful weather and getting to travel each day through the gorgeous town of Leamington Spa.
Having my family there to watch and support.
Getting all the messages of support from back home in NZ. This was awesome and thanks so much.

Off on a wee holiday now before our long trip home 

Letter from Pam: 28 July 2022

Have been in the village now for nearly a week. We were welcomed by a Haka and since then we have welcomed other teams including Rugby Men and Women's Sevens. Awesome experience.  We were all given a gift of a pin, pic attached.

It is wonderful seeing all the athletes from so many countries all wearing their uniforms. Colorful sight.  

We have practiced at Leamington Spa every day. The greens are beautiful and not quite as slow as expected, about 12 secs. Pic attached. 

Security is very tight and when we return to the village have screening similar to the airport. 

Tonight we have the official welcome at NZ house in Birmingham and the flag bearers will be named. We are not going to the opening ceremony  because of the Covid risk. 

We all start playing on Friday except the Blinkies. Our game is the late one starting at 6pm. Go the Kiwis.

Meet my mascot RaSA.

NB Time conversion 6pm Friday is 5am Saturday NZ time.