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Men’s Southern 6 Tournament to be played in Central Otago on the 28th and 29th January 2023. The Open Team will be playing at the Alexandra Club and Development Team at Clyde.

Teams included in the Tournament are from Southland, South Otago, Dunedin, North Otago & South Canterbury.



Singles: S Scott (B’burn)

Pairs: A Brash(s) (A’town), C Muir (Clyde)

Triples: K McGowan(s) (Hawea), K Jackson (A’town), R Leedon (Alexandra)

Fours: P Houlahan(s) (Clyde), J Richards (A’town), H O’Donnell (Clyde) R Muir (Wanaka)

Manager: Alister Watson

Coach: Ric Hunt



Singles: C Street (Roxburgh)

Pairs: E Flynn(s) (Hawea), D Chisholm (Clyde)

Triples: S Archer(s) (ADC), T Swain (Wanaka), D Geoffrey (Cromwell)

Fours: P Spooner(s) (ADC), D deBeer (ADC), C Meyer (Hawea), P Bain (A’town)

Manager/Coach: Ric Hunt

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