Representative Women

Central Rep Team

Yvonne McCutcheon, Marilyn Steel, Jo Stock, Nikki Milne & Linda Brown


Winners of the Lex Kimber Trophy played in Oamaru on 6th & 7th March.


Managers - Rhonda Hurley & Jenni Heazlewood. (Pic on FB)

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Representative Fixture:

National Intercentre - Wellington 19/22 March


Selected team : Debbie Jackson, Linley O'Callaghan, Christine Buchanan, Margaret O'Connor, Debbie Lloyd, Jane Anderson & Pam Walker .


Managers - Neil Buchanan, Rhonda Hurley & Jenni Heazlewood. 

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Players selected to represent Central Otago in the Southern 6 to be played in Timaru on Saturday & Sunday 30th & 31st January. 


Teams included in Tournament from Southland, South Otago, Dunedin, North Otago & South Canterbury.




Singles:    Debbie Jackson, Arrowtown                     

Pairs:        Linley O’Callaghan (s) Alexandra & Christine Buchanan (s), Queenstown

Triples:     Angela Wilson (s) Naseby, Liz Tomlins, Arrowtown, Sue Helm, Alexandra.           

Fours:       Margaret O’Connor (s) Queenstown, Debra Lloyd, Queenstown, Jane Anderson, Queenstown, Pam Walker, Omakau


Manager:   Neil Buchanan.




Singles:      Marilyn Steel, Wanaka

Pairs:          Andrea Dowman (s) Queenstown & Pat Risk, Cromwell

Fours:        Yvonne McCutcheon (s) Alexandra, Joy Kilgour, Clyde, Val Ranson Wanaka, Nikki Milne, Omakau


Manager:  Rhonda Hurley

Ladies: Central Otago v South Otago & Southland to be played at Roxburgh on December 4th. 


Team 1: Fours: Margaret O’Connor (s) Debra Lloyd, Yvonne McCutcheon, Pip Kiddey


Pairs: Linley O’Callaghan (s) Jane Anderson:


Singles: Christine Buchanan


Team 2: Fours: Angela Wilson (s) Ailex Reid, Gill Stewart, Pam Walker Pairs: Liz Tomlins (s) Marilyn Steel


Singles: Sue Helm




Team 1: Andrea Dowman (s) Pipp Heddles, Kath Mann, Jo Stock


Team 2: Jackie Brook (s) Joy Kilgour, Liz Anderson, Linda Brown.


Pairs: Andrea Dowman (s) Kath Mann: Jackie Brook (s) Liz Anderson:

Pipp Heddles (s) Jo Stock: Joy Kilgour (s) Linda Brown: 

Reserves for both squads; Izzy Niles & Nikki Milne.


Team Managers: Neil Buchanan, Rhonda Hurley and Jenni Heazlewood

Central Otago V Southland Women Sunday 1
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CO teams Development.png