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Carl's Coaching Notes

Coaching 23rd November 2023 @ Bannockburn


The Perfect Head:

This is a training scenario from the Lachlan Tighe training series and is well worth a watch as a reminder for those who were there and as a lesson for those who weren’t. This exercise taught us:

  • The importance of working as a team

  • Understanding the objective of the end

  • Creating a head for the third and skip that gives them the best chance of securing the objective


You can watch this video on youTube on the following link:


Game Strategy / Tactics

I noted that while watching the various centre tournaments recently it was amazing how often the mat was placed in the same place by every team on the green and the jack was at the medium length. The reason for this is obvious when you watch people at the club having a roll up because the vast majority practice at those lengths. In any sport we are looking for that 1% advantage so:

  • Practice at full length and minimum length

  • Put the mat right on 2m or take it up the green and play short

  • If you are a lead practice rolling the jack to the minimum and maximum distances

  • If, as a team, you have the ability to change lengths quicker than your opposition use it to your advantage

  • Have a strategy at the start of the game that the whole team knows and supports. Don’t be afraid to change it though with a quick conversation when swapping ends to move to plan B……know what plan B is!

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