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National Intercentre

Tournament in Wellington on 14-17th March '24 Click for Photos


Men's Team

Singles: Howard O’Donnell (Clyde)

Pairs: Allan Brash (s), Kelvin Jackson (Arrowtown)

Fours: Pat Houlahan (s) (Clyde), Paul Spooner (ADC), Ewan Kirk (Alex), Roger O’Brien (Clyde)

Reserve: Grant Hammond (Arrowtown)

Coach/Manager: Ric Hunt


Women's Team

Singles: Pip Kiddey (Omakau)

Pairs: Nikki Milne (S) (Omakau) and Debbie Jackson (Arrowtown)

Fours: Jane Anderson (S) (Queenstown), Yvonne McCutcheon (Alexandra) , Liz Tomlins (Arrowtown), Kim Tilly (Wanaka)

Manager/Reserve: Angela Wilson (Omakau) and Margaret O'Connor (Queenstown)

Coach: Carl Street

Over 60’s Tournament

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to be played at Phoenix Bowling Club, Oamaru, 11th & 12th March 2024. Teams from South Canterbury, North Otago, Dunedin, South Otago and Southland will be competing.

Men:                     Women:

Neville Stirling     Margaret O’Connor

Richard Morgan   Andrea Dowman

Peter Dunne        Liz Anderson

Len Lynskey         Kath Mann

Neville Roberts   Jackie Brook

Simon Nyhoff      Jo Hamill

John Knapp         Pat Risk

Graham Coppins  Glennis McMillan

Lex Kimber Tournament in Ashburton 9th & 10th  March

Click for Results and Photos

Trish Harris

Linley Carter

Tiri Connell

Tina Jerrom

Bec Street

Coach/Manager: Carl Street

Southern 6 Tournament 20th -21st January 2024 

Click for Results and Photos 

Men - Timaru


Singles: A Brash (Arrowtown)

Pairs: B McAuley (s) (B’burn), W Galletly (Clyde)

Triples: J Richards (s) (A’town),S Nyhof (Wanaka)H O’Donnell (Clyde

Fours: P Houlahan (s) (Clyde), ), P Spooner (ADC), E Kirk (Alexandra), R Leeden (Alexandra)

Manager/Coach: Alister Watson


Singles: D Chisholm (Clyde)

Pairs: S Archer (s) (ADC), D James (A’town)

Triples: M Carter (s) (Q’town), P Smith (A’town), C Dudson (Alexandra)

Fours: T Swain (s), (Wanaka), D DeBeer (ADC), G Hammond (A’town), S Clouston (ADC)

Manager/Coach: Ric Hunt

Women - Invercargill


Singles: L O’Callaghan (Alexandra)

Pairs: D Jackson (s) (A’town), N Milne (Omakau)

Triples: P Kiddey (s) (Omakau), L Tomlins (A’town), A Dowman (Q’town)

Fours: J Anderson (s) (Q’town), Y McCutcheon (Alexandra), B Mee (Wanaka), K Mann (Q’town)

Manager/Reserve: Angela Wilson


Singles: L Carter (Q’town)

Pairs: J Stock (s) (Wanaka), A Swain (Wanaka)

Fours: K Lynskey (s) (Alexandra), M Bartrum (Roxburgh), L Brown (A’town), T Harris (Omakau)

Reserve: B Street

Manager/Coach of the Women's teams: Carl Street

Teams Playing in Roxburgh on 1 December

Players selected to represent Central Otago in the CO vs SO vs Sthland Women's Triangular which will be played at Roxburgh on Friday 1 December.

Open Team 1: Debbie Jackson, Liz Tomlins, Pip Kiddey, Nikki Milne, Kim Tilly, Yvonne McCutcheon, Jane Anderson.

Open Team 2: Linley O'Callaghan, Trish Harris, Jo Stock, Kath Mann, Linley Carter, Amy Swain, Jackie Brook.

Development Team 1: Janet Podham, Cherry Dino, Nancy Buchanan, Linda Brown.

Development Team 2: Jill Newton, Barbara Wilson, Bev Mee, Kathryn Lynskey.

Teams playing in Southland on  5 November

Players who will be representing Central Otago in a Development U5 Quadrangular Tournament between Central Otago, Dunedin, South Otago and Southland : Maree Bartrum, Cherry Dino, Trish Harris, Bev Mee, Janet Podham, Jill Newton, Donna Callaghan.



Players who will be representing Central Otago at a Development Tournament in Dunedin: Paul Spooner, Dave Chisholm, Daniel James, Steve Archer, Dewald DeBeer, Geoff Palmer, Mark Johansen, Murray Carter, Trevor Watt, Wayne McDonald, Peter Bain, Peter Dunne, Simon Clouston and Warren Galletly.



Teams playing in Southland on 15 October

Ladies Open No1
Singles: Debbie Jackson (Arrowtown)
Pairs: Pip Kiddey (Omakau) (S) & Liz Tomlins (Arrowtown)
Fours: Linley O’Callaghan (Alexandra)(S), Andrea Dowman (Queenstown), Yvonne McCutcheon (Alexandra) & Nikki Milne (Omakau)

Ladies Open No.2
Singles: Kim Tilly (Wanaka)
Pairs: Jackie Brooke (Cromwell) (S), Trish Harris (Omakau)
Fours: Kathryn Lynskey (Alexandra) (S), Linda Brown (Arrowtown), Jo Stock (Wanaka) & Linley Carter (Queenstown)
Reserve: Nancy Buchanan (Queenstown)
Manager/Selector: Carl Street, Margaret O’Connor & Angela Wilson
Men Open 1 
Singles: Howard O’Donnell (Clyde)
Pairs: Joe Richards (Arrowtown) (S) & Kelvin Jackson (Arrowtown)
Fours: Pat Houlahan (Clyde) (S), Paul Spooner (ADC), Ewan Kirk (Ranfurly), & Roger O’Brien (Clyde)
Men Open No 2 
Singles: Alan Brash (Arrowtown)
Pairs: Bob McAuley(Bannockburn) (S), & Ray Leeden (Alexandra)
Fours: Richard Morgan (Omakau) (S), Simon Nyhof (Wanaka), Ray Paulin (Clyde) & Ken McConnell (Clyde)
Development Men
Fours & Pairs:

Steve Archer (ADC) (S), Peter Dunne (Arrowtown), Trevor Watt (Clyde) & Ethan Flynn (Hawea)
Grant Hammond (Arrowtown) (S), Peter Bain (Arrowtown), Daniel James (Arrowtown) & Dave Chisholm (Clyde)
Manager/Selectors: Ric Hunt & Alistair Watson

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